Bleed upon pages; this is how you survive


Dear Fraud.

Dear Fraud.

Today, the cloud was angry in Bauchi. First, she fumed and sulked in the morning, throwing tantrums; threatening us with thunder and lightning. When I chose to ignore her and get much needed air outside  — after being cooped up in my apartment —  she bristled at my pertinence and wept. She must have needed it because she calmed after her teary outburst and I sneaked out of the cover I had taken


It feels a bit surreal writing on the blog after 8 months?? The past months have tossed me to hell and back,but more than anything, I am grateful to be here. Thank you to everyone who encouraged me and to my readers who pushed me and kept asking “Hey, what’s up?!” Many thanks to Isaac for running the blog in my absence, and for his encouragement all the way. I am indebted.

Firstly, the blog domain has been changed! Yeaaah. From Blueprintbylydia to 

The Man and The Mob | by Lydia Ume

Yesterday, I wished most of all to be an ostrich. I wanted to bury my head in the sand and stay till all the events and news of yesterday would pass away. Sadly, it was impossible. I am a Nigerian. And unfortunately, that happens to […]


Dear Girl,
I used to hate my body especially my nose and teeth and legs. I also wanted to be thin and tall.
If only wishes were horses… I still have the nose, teeth, leg and I’m fat.
What? Why do you cringe at the word “Fat”?
Let me tell you a story.
An accident gave me chipped teeth, scars on my arm. An unknown skin disease gave me horrible black marks on my leg.