Bleed upon pages; this is how you survive


CORRUPTED!… the second part….

The bark of the bastard dog reverberates all through my journey to Ikeja. I try shelving the pain by seeking inspiration from the fat seasoned novel in my bag but I remain stuck on a line for minutes. A blurt of insult from a passing […]


Every morning I wake up to the choking smell of burnt beans from the next room and piercing cries of babies who probably don’t want to be bathed. Walking out, all tucked in, I see a long queue of men, women, guys and chicks gaping […]

YOUR HANDS || By Oluwaseyi Isaac Ayodeji

Why did you do it? Yes, you heard him right. That’s the question the slim bespectacled man with the babyish face and a small head crowned with a sparse bush of whiteness asked you. Why did you do it? Why did you beat your wife? […]