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Introducing Eyez on… (An interview series.)

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Hey guys ,

It’s been a minute! I am super excited to finally be doing this. I’ve been working on introducing new stable content to the blog. In fact, this has been in the works since January of this year.

Eyez on…” is an interview series for men and women who inspire us to do better by adding value, challenging stereotypes and social constructs in different sectors of our society through their Jobs, ‘Side-hustle’, Organization, Creative Entrepreneurship, and Creative Arts.

This is an area I’m very passionate about. There’s something enlightening about getting to know these people making a difference in a society so rife with odds, learning from them, being privy to their pain and knowing how they scaled through hurdles. Also being inspired to do more in our own circle.

 Join me on this journey and please also make your recommendations on people you feel need to be on this series.

I worked on it being a weekly series but I’ve started school and barely have time for me. I’m settling on it being a biweekly series so I can have enough time to edit and dish out content

The first of this series will be up today. And yes, I am excited!


Who would you like us to have our Eyez on?

What's on your mind?

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