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Jane of all trades, master of none.

I am very sure no one wants this as an epithet at the end of their lives. We often hear of how being single-minded is the perfect mind condition to achieve your goal, but how relevant is this idea now?

Modern technology keeps evolving to accommodate our innate desire to be everywhere at once. I mean, you can prepare a speech while in Lagos with a friend in Abuja on Google Drive. When you observe around and on the Internet , you find so many persons in this age multitasking and being successful at it. They are juggling so much you get dizzy just from looking at them.

While multitasking is the new cool and an important super power to mention on your Résumé, there is also the antithesis which is finding out you are BUSY doing NOTHING. There is no point to your struggle if your productivity output is. This is where structure comes to play.  I’ve found out that the key to Multitasking successfully is to have a (feasible) structure.

At the beginning of this year, I was very optimistic about my goals. I had things I wanted to achieved by the end of the year. A part of me was worried that it was too much and set too close together but I just told myself that I would make it work. It is more about putting in the work to make it work.

I started a business, paid for a domain and still waiting for grad. school to resume, I started sewing classes. All this I did alone and with no definite structure. I will wake up and decide I have to be at the market because there’s a special order, I will eventually spend so much time there and get to the workshop by past 11. I would sleep off in the middle of writing blog posts because my creative juice was dried up. I was mentally exhausted ( I have more 20+ drafts I never came back to,) overwhelmed to say the least and my productivity was LOW.I missed my interview dates for the Eyez on series (and I haven’t forgiven myself for this especially Email drafts full of apologies are being sent to rectify this negligence.) I was cranky as heck , moved like an automaton and a genuine pain in the butt.

In the middle of March, I had my last sales, made the last batch of deliveries and closed shop (yeah, perks of being your own

I reached out to my friends who were ahead in the game and asked for advice. It came in loads and will appear in subsequent posts so y’all can jump and pass my errors. Amen?
Setting up structure could mean different things for a person. It could be meal planning over the weekend, so you don’t eat crap through the week. Or cleaning up at night  and settin out your dress for the next day so you can sleep a little more the next morning. It is policing yourself to wake up at a certain time so you don’t gt crowded. It is following your to-do list faithfully.

For me it meant not letting myself get overwhelmed. To have set days for each activity so I don’t run on empty. It’s saying a polite No to a customer, when necessary. It’s caring for myself, getting to the workshop on time and being able. to attend to duties with joy.

I was reserved about running the online store with anyone because I didn’t want a person who wouldn’t run with the vision or be as invested as I am in it. I am lucky to have been proven wrong with my current partner. The work isn’t finished but I have progressed greatly so, I am happy to announce that I am back to the blogosphere. I did a lot of reading while away and I am excited to share thoughts with you guys. Follow me on Goodreads HERE and I will follow right back.
Thank you all for your concern during this break. I’m immensely grateful for every advice and help I received in this season. A girl couldn’t ask for a better audience.

There will be a minimum of two posts per week. Look out for who we have our Eyez on this Friday.

Love and Light,


Have you tried multitasking? What are the tips that make it easier for you?

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