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A New Beginning.

A New Beginning.

‘Why am I doing this? ’

It’s a question I considered on a daily basis before the spur-of-the-moment decision to buy a domain in the first week of January. Considering I had owned a free hosted blog on WordPress, I felt it shouldn’t be this worrisome but I realized that the journey on this blog is a different one.

The person who opened a blog in 2016 has so evolved that it would have been folly to assume that I will be doing the same things and in the same way. Or assumed that this is just an upgrade. No, this is a new journey.

Writing this post is largely for my Readers to get to know me, why I chose to start this blogging journey, the kind of content I hope to produce, and for what purpose (and partly for myself because putting words to paper affords me clarity.)

Let’s start with the basics:

I’m Lydia. I’m a 5’3 chubby girl who spends way too much time worrying about her weight than doing something about it.



I currently volunteer at Non-profit Organizations where my skills (as a Teacher and Content Creator) are needed.

Growing up in a household where my parents are Teachers and Booklovers, I was privileged to discover my love for the written word early and encouraged.

No words are enough to explain my passion for words, books, education and my core belief in their ability to change lives. I want people to read my words and be affected positively as much as I want to do amazing work in the classroom.


I want to be able to explore and bring to the fore things that are important to us – like people effecting positive change in our society and challenging social constructs through the work they do, Feminism, Sex and Current happenings in our present society −   but also be able to share my love for books, DIY’s, and life hacks that make this world an easier place.


This is me and this is why I’m here. I hope you like this space and I hope you stay.



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