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2017: The Year of Acceptance.

2017: The Year of Acceptance.

Hi guys,

As the curtains fall on 2017, I can’t help but take a deep breath and mutter an Hallelujah.

I am surprised at how much has happened in this year and the beautiful realization that this year ended on such high notes. Before I go on and on,you need to understand this.

2017 met me broken. I remember being curled up and crying my heart out, so unsure that I could breathe through the year. My goals were not falling into place and I was an emotional wreck.

All I asked for from 2017 was to be alone and an offer at fresh start. My placement for my Youth service was an answer to that prayer.

I got that here, and every other thing ( I had no idea I needed) was added unto it.

2017 was my YEAR OF ACCEPTANCE. It was in my surrender that I got my victory. The peace I gained can’t be traded for anything.

  • I had the opportunity of teaching literature to kids (which is my dream job.)
  • I learned that solitude is a good thing. I lived so far off I had about 3 visitors in my entire year here, but because I was my own company , I did not have any choice but to look within and get acquainted with myself.
  • I learned to be aware. An awareness of my surroundings and my actions made me more conscious. I can say I didn’t blind walk through life in this year.
  • I learned to trust myself. I was in charge of taking care of myself. I was determined to slug through the year by myself so it made me more “grown up.”
  • I learned to manage money. I think I’m a whiz at budgets and all that stuff now. 😂
  • I appreciated the presence of my family and friends more. They made it easier when the going became too tough.
  • I learned to stop waiting for things to happen and make them happen myself.
  • I became more health conscious. I found myself creating meal plans, and being more controlled with what I let into my body. I lost about 10kg and became lighter.

I didn’t start out deciding what this year will be, but it was good to me. I’m excited about the next year. I’m sure it brings good tidings but even if there are some rough parts, I am not afraid to face them.

Love and Light,


P.S: I made a list of my favourite things in the year; BOOKS and SONGS . Network was terrible the last few days but these are the rest of it:

Favourite Songs:

  • Arsonists Lullaby by Hozier
  • Simisola (Album): Simi
  • The Thrill of it all (Album) :Sam Smith
  • Melodrama (Album) : Lorde
  • Thousand stars by Christina Perri

Places to visit ( In Bauchi.)

  • Yankari Reserve
  • Sumu Wildlife Reserve
  • Tafawa Balewa Square

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