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5 Favourite Foods in 2017

5 Favourite Foods in 2017

Hey guys,

Kedu? I’ve had a somewhat busy day. I’m moving back to the east, my NYSC year is over. I’m trying to organize my luggage, check transport lines and book a ticket. The (artificial) fuel scarcity in Nigeria has made the fare quite high. I’m hoping the fare comes down by next week.
My NYSC year was a good one, and afforded me the opportunity to get to know the Northern parts of Nigeria. Living alone for the first time with a lot of my time on my hands, I decided to start trying the recipes I keep drooling over on food blogs and also keep an open mind to trying the northern cuisine. It didn’t always turn out well. The first vegetable soup I prepared with Spinach here was tasteless, glory to God, I wasn’t afraid of my mother appearing to knock sense into my head so I jejely ate biscuits and slept. But I also had my successes. As usual these are 5 of my favourite foods of 2017, in no order of importance.

  • Masa:

I had been in Bauchi for about 4 months before I tasted Masa. My friend whom I mentioned it to considered it a sacrilege that I hadn’t eaten it because Bauchi is famed to be the place where the best Masa is produced. I didn’t like it on my first try, the shop we went to for it was closed, and we bought from the roadside. The second time was with a colleague at another Masa spot…I became a Masa Convert.

Tip: If you are ever in Bauchi, there’s a spot opposite Jifatu Supermarket. Thank me later.

  • Yamarita:


This is parboiled yam dipped in a mixture of eggs, flour and seasoning. It’s amazing.

  • Bitterleaf soup.

I really used to be indifferent to this soup until I found out I could use cocoyam as a thickener. This just makes a load of difference I tell you. Plus I could use the same base for Oha soup. Finding out the magic of traditional seasoning like Iru and Ogiri was also the highlight of my year. Iru and Ogiri have this ability of shooting soups from 1- 10.

  • Kunun.

A literal translation of this Hausa word is Drink/juice. And the Northerners have this in abundance. Kunun Aya (Tigernut Juice) is my absolute favourite. I bought it so much the seller became my paddy and would even offer to give me if I said I didn’t have Money for it. There is Kunun Aya, Kunun Gyada (Groundnut), Kunun Dawa (Millet), Kunun Shinkafa (Rice).

  • Afang Soupp.
PhotoCredit: Sisi Jemimah

Because Afang will always be on my food list. Forever.😂

*Featured Image: Food Ace

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