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It feels a bit surreal writing on the blog after 8 months?? The past months have tossed me to hell and back,but more than anything, I am grateful to be here. Thank you to everyone who encouraged me and to my readers who pushed me and kept asking “Hey, what’s up?!” Many thanks to Isaac for running the blog in my absence, and for his encouragement all the way. I am indebted.

Firstly, the blog domain has been changed! Yeaaah. From Blueprintbylydia to This is a very significant change; the contents of this blog is about to broaden and get much more EXCITING. It is not just about me anymore, soon we will start to publish works from other authors. This is going to become a platform for growth. And yea, the EyezCube (Eye’s Cubicle) isn’t unrelated to my four eyes👓 or big eyeballs😂

I am currently undergoing the mandatory NYSC program, I really grumbled about it in the beginning but right now I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. I have the opportunity to do my dream job; teaching Literature to kids. I must confess that being around them was the main force that drove me back here, reminding me of the things I forgot and validating them again.

Posts will be coming shortly, I hope to impact you with the few things I learned in this period and take this blog to greater heights.

Thanks for staying. Thanks for Pushing.


Love and Light,

Lydia a.k.a Eyez a.k.a Panda 😎

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