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A Plate of “Bonzo”

A Plate of “Bonzo”

Lydia Ume

I’ve decided to treat this blog like a plate of Bonzo.
For the non-initiates, Bonzo is a slang for Beans. Most Kids growing up do not like Beans, but in boarding school we had no option so we made the best out of it.

We had different recipes to turn it into something exciting ; Beans and garri, Beans with dry garri mixed into it, Watery Beans and sugar e.t.c

Don’t ask me if it was healthy, we are all still alive after bouts of constipation or purging. 🙂

I have been playing peekaboo with this blog. I would open the page and admire it and smile like a love-struck teenager and close it back. I’ve been filled with trepidation on what my first post would be, how do I make it exciting? How do I pass across the purpose I created it for? Etcetera

Well, my reason for eating beans was because I wanted to be tall and eventually my taste for it grew and it has become one of my favorite food.
This blog is for the purpose of putting my thoughts out for people to see, because I was forming over-serious I procrastinated putting up a post. Like my plate of beans, I want it to be exciting. My writings are like this ;decorated with sarcasm, an adventurous taste of darkness and laced with humor. What will the world be if we had no laughter?

This blog is my comfort blanket. The things that light fire in my eyes include my Faith (Christian), Art ( in every form;books, music,paintings,poetry). My mantra in life is to Live, Laugh and Love. I believe in the power of words and the ability to change the world one word at a time.
I’m going to put my heart out here for my readers to see, I will rant about the craziness I see in society.

Oh, I forgot… I’m a writer. Why do I feel giddy each time I say that?
So I would put up my articles here. Writing here is also a form of practice and therapeutic for me.
Please stay tuned and let’s go on this exciting journey together..

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